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♥ Obsessed with learning to make interactive experiences (3d art + Unity) .. my background experience is in art modeling / fire dancing & I'm open to potential collabs w/ fellow creators on Newgrounds & beyond. I stream on Twitch often if you wanna chat.


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Posted by jenninexus - April 20th, 2015

UPDATE:  Just loaded our Ludum Dare game jam submission to Newgrounds!

Soccer Cows: http://newgrounds.com/portal/view/656574

Created for the 72hr Game Jam: Ludum Dare 32 #LDJAM Theme: "An Unconventional Weapon" - our weapon of choice the COWtapult .. worth a laugh - hope ya check it out!

Soccer Cows on Ludum Dare: http://ludumdare.com/compo/ludum-dare-32/?action=preview&uid=52875




We have been jammin' all weekend & will be submitting a collaborative effort to the infamous Ludum Dare jam.. It's the LD 13th anniversary.. there's all sorts of history behind the global LD team and they recommend hosting creations from the challenge, on sites such as Newgrounds, so of course I'll be sure to let my handful of followers here on NG as soon as it's done.  Only about 12 more hours to go.. my partner & I just pulled an all-nighter.. he's been programming nonstop and we've been live-streaming our progress intermittently.  If you're on Twitch, hope you'll check us out .. finally got the mic hooked up and channels all prepped for game dev & playtime.  


The #LD32 game jam theme is "Unconventional Weapons" so... our game is Soccer Cows - where u drive a COW-tapult and project cows across a stadium on Mars.. and stuff.. I modeled/textured the ridulous cows, and fetched the cow audio & catapult... & MartianGames applied his engines, rockets & pro knowledge of driving physics in Unity3D to make this comical adventure what it is... or um, will be in a few hours.  



Quick #screenshotsaturday Update! Scores are out and we were elated to see that out of over 2K submissions, Soccer Cows got #22 for Most Hilarious category! :-D Horray & thanks to everyone who checked it out, voted and amused us with your entries.. can't wait for the next LDJAM in just a few months.


PS: props to @tomfulp who is a supporter of @mikekasprzak of LudumDare on Patreon - go team!


Posted by jenninexus - March 13th, 2015

Hi friends.. Some funny boxy styles & continual progress on personal projects, not ready to release just yet.. here are a few funny images I made combining illustration & 3D styles.. thought ya may like .. This one w/ the red hair is actually supposed to be my mom .. I did my whole family for the holidays but I don't think they all liked them lol.. 

3D Vray version: newgrounds.com/art/view/jenninexus/boxy-lady


I've been streaming occasionally, on Twitch, but I don't have my mic set up properly yet, so you can see me working intently in Max here, but maybe down the line I'll get more interactive once the mic is set up. Check out my life-stream spots: twitch.tv/jenninexus | picarto.tv Follow me if you would like to encourage me to stream more!  I love watching others stream their art flow.


Trying to figure out Vray hair & lighting... my ADD keeps me on so many projects at once, eventually I'll have completed games/stories out, but for the time being, most of every day consists of learning my ass off, watching tutorials, exploring my creative sides, and figuring out how to do what.. particularly 2 Unity games which I can't wait to share more about, with you! 



Faces & outfits made in Illustrator..



Stay in touch friends!  I love socializing while working towards creative goals.. I've also been stopping in to Google+ Hangouts when I can.. there's one I recommend called Draw & Chat 

..anyway, later! 



Posted by jenninexus - February 14th, 2015



♥ Special V-Day delivery! ♬♪ Here's a screenshot of my 3D model submission to the #Valentine2015 contest on Sketchfab.  I've been working on this low-poly girl for a while now and currently wrestling with CAT animation clips and importing her into Unity properly, for gameplay.  More on that soon.  Cheers friends! 

Revolve around her in realtime 3D webGL styles: Galactic Valentine Doll 

JenniNexus.com ♥ Facebook ♥ Newgrounds

Posted by jenninexus - January 31st, 2015

Hi friends me Jenni here. 

Even though I'm on the 'web every day checking out art, games & tutorials for entertainment & inspiration, I decided I'm going to make an update blog post as often as every month.

Avidly training in various realms of 3D, I'm making ongoing progress on many projects, which are based off my desire to become a master one day :-D


My main passion is modeling in 3DS Max, and I'm eager to become better-skilled at both low-poly & realistic characters, props and environments.. ..As well as texture-painting, UVW mapping/Unwrap, biped-rigging, animating and using my creations for interactive games built in Unity3D.

Since my goals may take 2, 5 or 10 years to achieve, I'm happy to socialize on sites like Newgounds, GameJolt and of course you can find me all over the place, @JenniNexus.  I find it useful to connect with similarly-inspired artists, programmers, musicians.. I'm just so grateful to be a part of the technological revolution at this point in time.  It's really exciting to have access to tools that give the general public (ie myself) the ability to make our creative dreams come true.

Before I got seriously into 3D creations, I spent a number of years learning circus arts: aerial, fire, hoop, and also art modeling in San Francisco.  That was when I got to experience 1st-hand what it was like for professional artists to do what they do.. and what triggered my determination to become a 3D digital artist.

I look forward to many more years of training, opportunities to come and ways to implement my skills.. I also have a hankering to do more projection-mapping combined with dance, much like modern circus styles you can find on Youtube.

Oh, by the way something I love to do is categorize my findings, of best inspiration and tutorials.. Anyone curious about same stuffs I'm learning or interesting in seeing what I think is cool, these are some collections I've been adding to on JenniNexusLoveTime YouTube channel:

Digital Art YouTube Tutorials Playlists (3DS Max, After Effects, Unity3D, Flash, Illustrator, 3D projection mapping, HTML5, speed art, 3D workflow, Low-poly environments, etc)
Pintrest (DIY fashion, 3D character design, low-poly characters/environments, Fractals, photo-realistic 3D, Vray, etc)

Lately I've been having fun streaming live on Twitch.tv while modeling in 3D or making illustrations .. learning all the time.  Feel free to stop on over any time.. I also found Picarto.tv which is more fine-artist-based, but I turn my cam on sometimes there too. 

Some projects I've been working on the most lately, are my 3D female model which I started in October 2014.. I'm at the point where she's basically a complete model, and now I'm learning the ropes using biped animation, weight-painting, texture painting UVW-mapping and using 1st & 3rd person character controllers in Unity3D with my 3D stuffs.

WAY more updates from along the way can be found in the..

3D-Jenni gallery: jenninexus.smugmug.com/3D-Explorations/3D-Jenni
Low-poly 3D-Jenni: jenninexus.smugmug.com/3D-Explorations/Low-poly-Jenni-Styles

This character started as a 2D design in Flash, and you can play my 2 Flash fashion girl games on my site or Newgrounds Alter Kat which was published last October, and Jenni-Styles, released last June, 2014.

For fun I'm also attempting to make my high-poly 3D girl resemble Aayla Secura from Clone Wars, as a personal challenge, and submission for a fan video a group of filmmakers approached me about.

Well that's about it for now.. I'll be around the block learning more every day.  I'm open to being in touch .. You can reach me on Facebook or stay in touch via Blogger or Tumblr.  Most links are on my site JenniNexus.com.

Much love!  Thanks for stopping by,


Posted by jenninexus - January 1st, 2015

Hi friends!

Time to bring in the New Year with a friendly hello & update.  ≧◠ᴥ◠≦ Among a handful of other projects going on, one of my most recent & consistent ones, is 3D-Jenni.  I started her back in October 2014, and am learning how to do weight-painting for biped animation now.  My 1st polygonal human model built from scratch.. click on the .gif below to see the gallery where I'm posting updates, as progress continues.  


Please be in touch if you are curious to see more from me.. I post here on Newgrounds regularly, and even moreso on my Facebook Artist PageTumblr and this 3D project and others on Smugmug.  

I've also expanded to live-streaming my 3D modeling / workflow on Twitch & exporting highlights onto YouTube.

Thanks to all my friends here on NG & I'm really looking forward to all that 2015 has to offer... I'm focusing every day on becoming better at 3D modeling for games and animation.  I'm loving every moment however easy or complicated, in 3DS Max as well as Unity 3D.  Good things are afoot.  Thank you for being a part of this process with me!  

PS: I'm inspired to participate in collaborations from time to time, so if you think you've got a project I'd be interested in, don't be shy - be in touch!  When my schedule permits, I can offer voice acting, 3D modeling, and sometimes Flash characters. 

♥ Cheers!! ♥



Posted by jenninexus - December 19th, 2014

With a lifetime of inspiration fueling my adventures in 3D, I'm grateful for the Newgrounds platform to connect with other creative people & expand my artistic potential.

Here's a shot from my 1st polygonal female built from scratch. I'm documenting this particular project & others: jenninexus.smugmug.com/3D-Explorations/3D-Jenni


.. as well as streaming work sessions on Twitch, from time to time.

The most recent milestone I've reached with this particular project, has been rigging my girl for animation!  More updates to come.  PS: please check out my art here on NG and stay tuned for more, if u like whatcha see.

I welcome constructive feedback and new friends - say hello, add me etc. :-) 
Newgrounds | Facebook  

♥ Thanks for visiting! ♥
Jenni Nexus 


upskirt lol


Posted by jenninexus - November 22nd, 2014

UPDATE: The Game Jam is over but there is still a week for people to vote on the 900+ submissions which entered the challenge.  Some of the scenes like the school didn't get into the game in time, but will be included in a later version.. we'll continue to work on this parody concept over time. :-)

Check out our game "Breaking Beta" preview & vote on it here: http://jams.gamejolt.io/indiesvspewdiepie/games/breaking-beta/39456

Trying to make something with my bestie MartianGames, in time to submit for the #indiesvspewdiepie GameJolt jam!  

Here's a peek at our progress so far.. I modeled a quick camper & now working on a school.. he's doing the coding and compiling the content and we still have a day and 15 hours to see if it meets our personal standards to submit!  

I'm broadcasting workflow screencapture via Twitch.tv/JenniNexus during the jam so feel free to stop by and see if I'm on..  Much love friends !! 

Jenni ♥ Newgrounds Facebook | Smugmug | Twitch







Posted by jenninexus - November 8th, 2014

♥ Thanks for stopping by friends! ♥

Learning how to use 3DS Max to make a polygonal female model from scratch!  Next I'll be attaching her hands & making eyeballs.  See updates from this 3D project & others: 3D Jenni photo gallery   

Play my 1st Flash animation games here on Newgrounds or if you like, check out my Newgrounds Art Gallery.  

I'm a passionate, creative spirited person broadcasting from Northern CA.  Stay tuned for more :-)

Officially me: JenniNexus.com 

Soundcloud | Newgrounds | TumblrInstagram | Facebook


Posted by jenninexus - October 20th, 2014


Posted by jenninexus - October 11th, 2014


ALTER KAT Update! ♥ 

Last week I posted my 2nd ever completed Flash project, an edgy dress up game fashioned after my cute younger sister.  It’s a lot like its

prequel “Jenni Styles” but with some added features, details & options.  I was especially excited to see when Alter Kat broke 1K plays - for me, that’s pretty exciting!  Thanks to everyone who had enough interest to try it, and extra thanks to those who responded with feedback or added it to their favorites.  So cool to interact with fellow artists & hear your thoughts, as well as apply some popular suggestions made by players.

On that note, some revisions I made include:

  • Music on/off button option.  I really wanted this from the get go, but I’m still pretty new to Flash programming & I actually tried a handful of methods before finally figuring out the solution to create the perfect button style I was going for..  finally got it!  You can still hear the cool sound effects like bats & lightening, and you can choose to have music on or off.  
  • Enough people thought it was racy and perhaps not appropriate for children.. I didn’t think the rating options applied to my game but I went back to have a 2nd look and the only one I could think of that would give it a more accurate rating was “some adult themes”... which I guess would mean her skirts are too short lol.. it’s really not an adult themed game but it wouldn’t be my 1st recommendation to young children either.. I also learned a new acronym during a related discussion: “SJW” or, Social Justice Warrior lol..
  • Slow loading time & crashing .. I researched what may have been causing this, and my best guess surely sped up the load time on my end - I’d be curious to hear from anyone if this is still an issue on your computers.  What I did to modify the issue was I took off the animated bats & (alpha) fog from the 1st (title) page & condensed some of the layers.  Click on the tree button enough times and you’ll still find the bats & fog background option..  The other suggestion I might make to anyone still having problems with loading or crashing, is #1 pause your Ad-Blocker .. I currently use Google Chrome, and any time I try to play a game on Newgrounds or elsewhere, and Ad-Blocker is on, Flash or the game itself will crash.  Or, it may be the computer you’re using.
  • 1 different hair (Bettie Paige style) and (hazel) eye color option as per request from Kat herself so she could try to make the character look a bit more like her in real life.

That sums up the majority of changes.. If you like this game, please feel free to share it on your Tumblr blog or post it on your game site.. there’s an embed code for it & Jenni Styles on my site: jenninexus.com/arcade.php .. I’m pretty friendly - if you’ve made a game, video or art you think I’d like feel free to be in touch.. I’m regularly on Tumblr, Twitter & Facebook like a true dork.  And I’m especially inspired by 3D art, games and projection, sexy, funny, light-hearted creations & filling my feed with people up to cool stuff.

Thanks for stopping by!  

♥ Jenni | JenniNexus.com

You can find & Play Alter Kat & Jenni Styles here on Newgrounds.  I've been adding to my collection of Flash vector art images & gifs from my animation journey here: jenninexus.smugmug.com/Flash-Animation