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♥ ALTER KAT Update! ♥

Posted by jenninexus - October 11th, 2014


ALTER KAT Update! ♥ 

Last week I posted my 2nd ever completed Flash project, an edgy dress up game fashioned after my cute younger sister.  It’s a lot like its

prequel “Jenni Styles” but with some added features, details & options.  I was especially excited to see when Alter Kat broke 1K plays - for me, that’s pretty exciting!  Thanks to everyone who had enough interest to try it, and extra thanks to those who responded with feedback or added it to their favorites.  So cool to interact with fellow artists & hear your thoughts, as well as apply some popular suggestions made by players.

On that note, some revisions I made include:

  • Music on/off button option.  I really wanted this from the get go, but I’m still pretty new to Flash programming & I actually tried a handful of methods before finally figuring out the solution to create the perfect button style I was going for..  finally got it!  You can still hear the cool sound effects like bats & lightening, and you can choose to have music on or off.  
  • Enough people thought it was racy and perhaps not appropriate for children.. I didn’t think the rating options applied to my game but I went back to have a 2nd look and the only one I could think of that would give it a more accurate rating was “some adult themes”... which I guess would mean her skirts are too short lol.. it’s really not an adult themed game but it wouldn’t be my 1st recommendation to young children either.. I also learned a new acronym during a related discussion: “SJW” or, Social Justice Warrior lol..
  • Slow loading time & crashing .. I researched what may have been causing this, and my best guess surely sped up the load time on my end - I’d be curious to hear from anyone if this is still an issue on your computers.  What I did to modify the issue was I took off the animated bats & (alpha) fog from the 1st (title) page & condensed some of the layers.  Click on the tree button enough times and you’ll still find the bats & fog background option..  The other suggestion I might make to anyone still having problems with loading or crashing, is #1 pause your Ad-Blocker .. I currently use Google Chrome, and any time I try to play a game on Newgrounds or elsewhere, and Ad-Blocker is on, Flash or the game itself will crash.  Or, it may be the computer you’re using.
  • 1 different hair (Bettie Paige style) and (hazel) eye color option as per request from Kat herself so she could try to make the character look a bit more like her in real life.

That sums up the majority of changes.. If you like this game, please feel free to share it on your Tumblr blog or post it on your game site.. there’s an embed code for it & Jenni Styles on my site: jenninexus.com/arcade.php .. I’m pretty friendly - if you’ve made a game, video or art you think I’d like feel free to be in touch.. I’m regularly on Tumblr, Twitter & Facebook like a true dork.  And I’m especially inspired by 3D art, games and projection, sexy, funny, light-hearted creations & filling my feed with people up to cool stuff.

Thanks for stopping by!  

♥ Jenni | JenniNexus.com

You can find & Play Alter Kat & Jenni Styles here on Newgrounds.  I've been adding to my collection of Flash vector art images & gifs from my animation journey here: jenninexus.smugmug.com/Flash-Animation

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Ignore the comment below mine. That person has been trolling by copying/pasting that into everyone's profiles -___- I can't believe people had an issue with the rating of your game.... It's not like the character could be completely naked and I'm pretty sure you could rate it M and kids would still have access to it....oh well. Game never lagged/crashed on me. My only suggestion is that if you want to apply any kind of filter/effect to an image (i.e. glow, blur, etc.) that you should do it outside of flash. Like add the effect to the image in Photoshop and then export that image to Flash. Using filters/effects in Flash is very taxing on the program.

I know people are so funny.

That's some great advice Hero - I'll definetly use your suggestion to use the glow/blur fx in photoshop and use a png instead of trying to render those fx in Flash. Thanks!

You rock!
<3 Jenni