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♥ Obsessed with learning to make interactive experiences (3d art + Unity) .. my background experience is in art modeling / fire dancing & I'm open to potential collabs w/ fellow creators on Newgrounds & beyond. I stream on Twitch often if you wanna chat.


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3D-Jenni 2015 Update

Posted by jenninexus - January 31st, 2015

Hi friends me Jenni here. 

Even though I'm on the 'web every day checking out art, games & tutorials for entertainment & inspiration, I decided I'm going to make an update blog post as often as every month.

Avidly training in various realms of 3D, I'm making ongoing progress on many projects, which are based off my desire to become a master one day :-D


My main passion is modeling in 3DS Max, and I'm eager to become better-skilled at both low-poly & realistic characters, props and environments.. ..As well as texture-painting, UVW mapping/Unwrap, biped-rigging, animating and using my creations for interactive games built in Unity3D.

Since my goals may take 2, 5 or 10 years to achieve, I'm happy to socialize on sites like Newgounds, GameJolt and of course you can find me all over the place, @JenniNexus.  I find it useful to connect with similarly-inspired artists, programmers, musicians.. I'm just so grateful to be a part of the technological revolution at this point in time.  It's really exciting to have access to tools that give the general public (ie myself) the ability to make our creative dreams come true.

Before I got seriously into 3D creations, I spent a number of years learning circus arts: aerial, fire, hoop, and also art modeling in San Francisco.  That was when I got to experience 1st-hand what it was like for professional artists to do what they do.. and what triggered my determination to become a 3D digital artist.

I look forward to many more years of training, opportunities to come and ways to implement my skills.. I also have a hankering to do more projection-mapping combined with dance, much like modern circus styles you can find on Youtube.

Oh, by the way something I love to do is categorize my findings, of best inspiration and tutorials.. Anyone curious about same stuffs I'm learning or interesting in seeing what I think is cool, these are some collections I've been adding to on JenniNexusLoveTime YouTube channel:

Digital Art YouTube Tutorials Playlists (3DS Max, After Effects, Unity3D, Flash, Illustrator, 3D projection mapping, HTML5, speed art, 3D workflow, Low-poly environments, etc)
Pintrest (DIY fashion, 3D character design, low-poly characters/environments, Fractals, photo-realistic 3D, Vray, etc)

Lately I've been having fun streaming live on Twitch.tv while modeling in 3D or making illustrations .. learning all the time.  Feel free to stop on over any time.. I also found Picarto.tv which is more fine-artist-based, but I turn my cam on sometimes there too. 

Some projects I've been working on the most lately, are my 3D female model which I started in October 2014.. I'm at the point where she's basically a complete model, and now I'm learning the ropes using biped animation, weight-painting, texture painting UVW-mapping and using 1st & 3rd person character controllers in Unity3D with my 3D stuffs.

WAY more updates from along the way can be found in the..

3D-Jenni gallery: jenninexus.smugmug.com/3D-Explorations/3D-Jenni
Low-poly 3D-Jenni: jenninexus.smugmug.com/3D-Explorations/Low-poly-Jenni-Styles

This character started as a 2D design in Flash, and you can play my 2 Flash fashion girl games on my site or Newgrounds Alter Kat which was published last October, and Jenni-Styles, released last June, 2014.

For fun I'm also attempting to make my high-poly 3D girl resemble Aayla Secura from Clone Wars, as a personal challenge, and submission for a fan video a group of filmmakers approached me about.

Well that's about it for now.. I'll be around the block learning more every day.  I'm open to being in touch .. You can reach me on Facebook or stay in touch via Blogger or Tumblr.  Most links are on my site JenniNexus.com.

Much love!  Thanks for stopping by,