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Nice and unique art style. Great soundtrack. I really love the detailed map you included for people that get lost easily like me :-D

adriendittrick responds:

oh wow you're on NG too, hi o/
And thanks for playing my game :D

Amazing for a compo submission!! Addictive - I would play it all day. :-) Streamed it on Twitch - fun times <3

Clearly a lot of programming went into this 72 hour jam submission. Played it on Twitch - fun game! :-)

ninjamuffin99 responds:

thanks jenni!

I played it cuz my name is Jenni & I was searching to see what games had strip club in the tags this came up lol. :-D Needs better hit spot on the words - clicking directly onto the font is a little annoying. Let me know if your character ever needs a voice actress that would be fun / funny I think. Cheers!

Ric-Olzow responds:

Glad the tags actually worked!
Yeah I made this back in the day and I've learned much since then... If you play Jennys Quiz (2012) I believe that game has buttons instead of clicking on text. It's much less 'fun' than this game though...heh.
Duly noted, I'll keep you in mind!

Cute & fun theme / art!

rhys510 responds:

Thanks :P

OMG u r so great at what you do! Cuteness, progression, and so amazing you have high score & medals! So impressive! Great work not to mention, for within the LD 48 hr compo challenge! I'm going to play this more!

Zanzlanz responds:

Jenni! I can't thank you enough for your support and awesomeness! :D

The scoreboard and medals were added after the compo, but I definitely wouldn't have released without them - they make the game a LOT more replayable, in my opinion! :]

So cute, clever & fun!! Love everything about it - the music, art, suspense & humor. :-D

It was funny enough that the blood was entertaining and not disturbing.. really cute art and cool song made me want to play it more!

This is a cute theme, love the art, fun music.. bet it would be even more awesome on mobile!

What a fun game & collaboration! I'm so happy to be included in this group effort. I love the art & music, and I agree with some of the things others have said, & am stoked to see the response, that players are craving more backstory and multiple plays. btw, I found that clearing my cache and reloading the page allowed me to replay the game. Hope to work together some time! :-)

♥ Obsessed with learning to make interactive experiences (3d art + Unity) .. my background experience is in art modeling / fire dancing & I'm open to potential collabs w/ fellow creators on Newgrounds & beyond. I stream on Twitch often if you wanna chat.


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