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Posted by jenninexus - May 27th, 2017

Hi friends - it’s been almost 6 months since my last NG blog post, so figured it was a good time to check in & share some fun updates :-)

Since last time…

Voice Acting ► I’ve gotten to contribute lines for some more indie animations & still loving that kind of opportunity when I get the chance.  Most are here on my Newgrounds Movies page.  Newish page on my official site as well: JenniNexus.com/voiceacting hit me up if you need VA for your Newgrounds or other project :-)

Twitch ► Since the turn of 2017 I’ve been actually making effort towards growing my live-stream channel .. With finally 300+ followers, I’ve gotten excited about offering a reward for those who have cared to friend / follow me over the years. Which brings me to the next thing…

Giveaway ► After learning of this site called Gleam.io where I can offer a giveaway / rewards cross-platform, I've created my 1st Thank You giveaway. Enter multiple times to win 1 of two packages I made, each with a 3d-printed pendant I modeled, and some photography prints of my photo art. (Special snail-mail package for 2 lucky winners).

Patreon ► Another reason for me being extra pumped lately - scored my first few Patreon supporters.  So inspiring to see my effort backed by friends from the interweb.  My Patreon page is now spruced up with new images & plans for the future of my creative goals.

Still working on 3D models for indie games (usually during game jam weekends when my partner programs while I help stream / model / make GUI).. & dreaming of doing game dev / animation full-time.  Even after about 6 years since I started learning more digital art skills (beyond Photoshop) such as video editing, Flash, 3d modeling & C# in Unity, I know I have so much more to learn.

Hence the attempt to bring in some support aside from the classic day job to pay the bills and afford time to learn.  So far it’s been such an awesome journey, especially since interacting more live on Twitch, and I can’t wait to do more.

Lots of daily updates still, on my Facebook & Twitter.  And a newer way to stay in touch, I recently made a Discord chat for suggestions, sharing art, streams, pets, etc.  And I even broke down and got a Snapchat in addition to my beloved, long-time photography-based Instagram..

Slight chance we’ll be moving from Northern CA, to Seattle or near that area, in the next 6 mos-1 year... I’m eager for change, and to live in an area with an influx of techie jobs for me to check out and apply to.. Here in our current town there aren’t as many opportunities in the field I’m most passionate about (digital art skills).

Well, I guess that’s most of what’s new with me since last time we spoke.

If you feel like staying in touch or collaborating on something, I'm sometimes too busy tryin to get by, but might as well try me! Easy VA lines I can usually pound out in a day or two when I get a free, quiet moment..


Cheers friends,

Jenni (◕‿◕✿)