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2016 in Review

Posted by jenninexus - January 3rd, 2017

End of the year reflection…

With the closing of 2016, I look back upon my accomplishments and create new goals for the New Year.  Many thanks to all who took time to collaborate with me and provide me with valuable perspective and pointers on how I can become better at what I do.


Voice Over & Voice Acting in Animations & Videos

The Phobia Collab on Newgrounds (my part is at 1:51) - I submitted a 10 second video I animated & voiced, also on YouTube

Zone-tan meets Devil-Lynn - I voiced Devil-Lynn again, in this sequel to the previous Devil-Lynn video animated by D-Rock.. More to come with this character…

Gamer Girl Fail - voiced the main character in this one, by h2ootter for the “Summer Toon Sound Jam”.

Akko's trip: Little Witch Academia Parody on Newgrounds small voice acting part in this one, as Akko.  Loved the animation style in this video.  Also added to my Voice Acting YouTube playlist.

Star Wars Things - Loved this clever parody on 2 of my favorites: Star Wars & Stranger Things.. Voiced animation by MartinFelice (whose art / animations I recommend checking out).. viddy also on YouTube

So far the most viral video I’ve been a part of: 100 Awesome Product Ideas #3 - a compilation by Michi Yamamoto, and voiced by yours truly.

Voiced a handful of LE.G.O.-themed short-films: LEGO Star Wars: Rebel Commando, LEGO Tank Warfare & Blacktron Scouttrax: Hot Pursuit.

Many more audio-coming in 2016!  Don't hesitate to ask if you'd like me to record some lines for your project.


Goals reached in 3D Arts

3D Chibi characters modeled from scratch, rigged & animated in 3ds Max.. also figured out morph-targets & lip-syncing for facial animations - a true accomplishment (now knowing how tricky it was to get that working first in Max, then in Unity.  These new abilities inspire many ideas to explore.

3D-Printing: Opened a shop to offer some my 3d models for printing: Shapeways.com/shops/3D-Jenni & some new models up on my Sketchfab.com/JenniNexus .. Freelancing my help with custom 3D logo or album designs sometimes possible.


New / favorite toys & equipment

The HTC Vive!  Then realized we should really upgrade our system to accommodate more advanced VR experiences and learn to develop and make some VR apps.

Finally got a Roland R-05 recorder for making custom sound effects in stereo, on the go.. (for games, animations, songs and other audio experiments).  Looking forward to using it with the binaural earbud mics I got last year, for recording 3d sound & maybe even some ASMR videos LOL.  Open to requests.  ;-)


Other noteworthy details

Still adding to my various channels: JenniNexusLoveTime, JenniNexusPlaysGames, DIYwithJenni & GalacticYoga.

Made a page for my voice acting / voice over projects on my site: JenniNexus.com/voiceacting.

Made a profile for free-to-use sound fx, vocal clips etc: Freesound.org/people/JenniNexus

Continued spending time in Unity this year, trying various asset packages and types of ideas with some scripts & new projects started.  Definitely planning on releasing some cartoon, story-based games in 2017..  Details to come.

Have not done anything with my Patreon campaign page.. made last year with the intent to raise funds towards the future of building a game dev / animation studio.  Despite the lack of Patreons, the dream is alive and thriving.  Being mobile & capable of creating / collaborating on the fly, the future looks bright and we look forward to more travel adventures where the creativity doesn’t stop only flows wherever we do, along the journey.

Thanks for reading, being a part of the experience, and hope you stay in touch if you're curious about my future projects and stuff. :)

Best wishes for 2017, friends!