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♥ Obsessed with learning to make interactive experiences (3d art + Unity) .. my background experience is in art modeling / fire dancing & I'm open to potential collabs w/ fellow creators on Newgrounds & beyond. I stream on Twitch often if you wanna chat.

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Patreon Launched!

Posted by jenninexus - June 11th, 2015

Hi friends!  After assessing the potential of launching a Patreon, I went ahead and set one up.  It's complete with goals, rewards, and a detailed description of my vision, as well as desired collaborative efforts with my partner MartianGames, who's been teaching me game design & 3D.

Support my ability to learn 3D art & game dev :)

Seeing many artists, YouTubers & game developers alike, funded to make their dreams come true, I couldn't resist the urge to join the excitement.  It's with high hopes I wish to generate support for the time it takes to learn how to make mobile and PC games, as well as improve my 3D art skills, and continue to explore various facets of my imagination, with technology.

Props to those already doing it!  I see many NG'ers on Patreon & successfully raising funds!  Some I've been following for some time others I'm just now discovering.  Patreon expresses a sense of democratization which encourages community to support one another and more directly invest in people / projects we believe in. 

There is so much to love about creating art, music and interactive experiences.  Digital art, in combination with my background in circus skills & art modeling, has my full attention and devotion.

If something is ever holding me back it's usually the ability to upgrade equipment, or the fact we need still to make rent while learning new software (an example is, we've been relying on creating PC games made with Unity, but since Google shut off Unity this year, we now need to buy time to learn WebGL & Mobile.) 

Anything helps, and even simple shares / follows on Facebook or Twitter brighten up my days.  Obviously not everyone can afford to support others, but for those who can, and like to donate to a good cause, that's what Patreon is for.

Last but not least, I've begun streaming game dev & playtime on Twitch, but I also made a new game-specific channel: JenniNexusPlaysGames for when I'm going nuts playing game jam submissions, or trying games off Newgrounds, Steam or PS4. 

♥ Cheers friends! ♥