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♥ Obsessed with learning to make interactive experiences (3d art + Unity) .. my background experience is in art modeling / fire dancing & I'm open to potential collabs w/ fellow creators on Newgrounds & beyond. I stream on Twitch often if you wanna chat.


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Blue Balls in the Strip Club - rated NC-17

Posted by jenninexus - October 28th, 2017

I finally finished my 1st 3d WebGL game #madewithunity !  If you happen to give it a whirl, hope you will be kind enough to rate & leave constructive feedback, but keep in mind I’m still quite a noob at game dev & I’m a sensitive flower, so hope u take it easy but let me know how I can improve my skills :-D 

Blue Balls is set in a 3d Strip Club I modelled while streaming live on Twitch! ► http://twitch.tv/JenniNexus Making low-poly 3d game assets is so much fun, but eventually I wanted to put them in something interactive to share with you, even if it’s just a little blurp such as this. 

You’ll see a cartoon chibi girl which took me a long time to model!  I rigged, skinned & got her animated here in Unity, but what you don’t see yet, is the facial animations I also did.. That will come in a later version. 

For now, a Halloween-themed teaser, for my favorite time of year. :-)  Walk around with blue balls in the strip club and smash pumpkins before the time is up!  See how many you can get and how fast.  Laugh at my cheesy art, and appreciate the song ironically also named “Blue Balls” which I found here on NG. Check out the musician & give him some support here ► https://chead86.newgrounds.com 

I’ve been here on Newgrounds for quite a while now, but this is my 1st self-made 3d WebGL game I’m happy to share with you!  My partner has been giving me Unity lessons but my favorite aspect of game-making has been making 3d art, so that’s been my main focus.  The only model I didn’t make here is the destructible pumpkin. 

Stay in touch if you’re curious about future projects, collabs etc! 

Thanks for playing.

- Jenni


Blue Balls song: https://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/23727

My C# teacher: http://MartianGames.newgrounds.com

Blue Balls on GameJolt: https://gamejolt.com/games/BlueBalls/292942

Blue Balls on Itch.io: https://jenninexus.itch.io/blue-balls



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you should get penguinz0 to play this game

Ok thanks. Is that their name here on Newgrounds?

Awesome! Following!