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2016 in Review

2017-01-03 10:52:05 by jenninexus

End of the year reflection…

With the closing of 2016, I look back upon my accomplishments and create new goals for the New Year.  Many thanks to all who took time to collaborate with me and provide me with valuable perspective and pointers on how I can become better at what I do.


Voice Over & Voice Acting in Animations & Videos

The Phobia Collab on Newgrounds (my part is at 1:51) - I submitted a 10 second video I animated & voiced, also on YouTube

Zone-tan meets Devil-Lynn - I voiced Devil-Lynn again, in this sequel to the previous Devil-Lynn video animated by D-Rock.. More to come with this character…

Gamer Girl Fail - voiced the main character in this one, by h2ootter for the “Summer Toon Sound Jam”.

Akko's trip: Little Witch Academia Parody on Newgrounds small voice acting part in this one, as Akko.  Loved the animation style in this video.  Also added to my Voice Acting YouTube playlist.

Star Wars Things - Loved this clever parody on 2 of my favorites: Star Wars & Stranger Things.. Voiced animation by MartinFelice (whose art / animations I recommend checking out).. viddy also on YouTube

So far the most viral video I’ve been a part of: 100 Awesome Product Ideas #3 - a compilation by Michi Yamamoto, and voiced by yours truly.

Voiced a handful of LE.G.O.-themed short-films: LEGO Star Wars: Rebel Commando, LEGO Tank Warfare & Blacktron Scouttrax: Hot Pursuit.

Many more audio-coming in 2016!  Don't hesitate to ask if you'd like me to record some lines for your project.


Goals reached in 3D Arts

3D Chibi characters modeled from scratch, rigged & animated in 3ds Max.. also figured out morph-targets & lip-syncing for facial animations - a true accomplishment (now knowing how tricky it was to get that working first in Max, then in Unity.  These new abilities inspire many ideas to explore.

3D-Printing: Opened a shop to offer some my 3d models for printing: & some new models up on my .. Freelancing my help with custom 3D logo or album designs sometimes possible.


New / favorite toys & equipment

The HTC Vive!  Then realized we should really upgrade our system to accommodate more advanced VR experiences and learn to develop and make some VR apps.

Finally got a Roland R-05 recorder for making custom sound effects in stereo, on the go.. (for games, animations, songs and other audio experiments).  Looking forward to using it with the binaural earbud mics I got last year, for recording 3d sound & maybe even some ASMR videos LOL.  Open to requests.  ;-)


Other noteworthy details

Still adding to my various channels: JenniNexusLoveTime, JenniNexusPlaysGames, DIYwithJenni & GalacticYoga.

Made a page for my voice acting / voice over projects on my site:

Made a profile for free-to-use sound fx, vocal clips etc:

Continued spending time in Unity this year, trying various asset packages and types of ideas with some scripts & new projects started.  Definitely planning on releasing some cartoon, story-based games in 2017..  Details to come.

Have not done anything with my Patreon campaign page.. made last year with the intent to raise funds towards the future of building a game dev / animation studio.  Despite the lack of Patreons, the dream is alive and thriving.  Being mobile & capable of creating / collaborating on the fly, the future looks bright and we look forward to more travel adventures where the creativity doesn’t stop only flows wherever we do, along the journey.

Thanks for reading, being a part of the experience, and hope you stay in touch if you're curious about my future projects and stuff. :)

Best wishes for 2017, friends!




Reflecting on 2015!

2016-01-03 23:16:20 by jenninexus



  • Made the cow & several 3D assets for Soccer Cows, a game developed by MartianGames.  Created for the 72hr Game Jam: Ludum Dare #32, themed "Unconventional Weapon”.  This is a racing game where you can battle with Cows in a Post-Apocalyptic Soccer-War!  Made with Unity so Firefox is required.
  • Contributed voice acting for 2 games by DanielCotorogea : Red-Head Deception, his 2nd game ever, made with Construct2 for deceptionjam.  The other game, Robo-Granny [Demo], is a clever & fun Construct2 game where you use a Walking-Mech to stomp Robo-kids trying to steal Granny’s fruits.  Also featured in this game, the talented, up-and-coming VA, Gianni Matragrano.
  • Helped by voicing the President in the 7-person collab, the game Launch, by ProgrammerMaverick.  
  • Made the kitty & all 3D environment art in Kitty McBlubberton, another MartianGames game jam submission, for Ludum Dare #34, using both of the tied themes "Growing" & "Two button controls"


New / favorite toys & equipment

  • My own 1st LED hula hoop (videos to come)
  • Mic-earphones for binaural audio recording - can’t wait to experiment with these!
  • iPhone 6!
  • Harmor, FL Studio plugin

Other noteworthy details

  • Started a Twitch channel for streaming Game Dev & gameplay.
  • Made a few new channels to categorize my interests, including JenniNexusPlaysGames.
  • Posted my 1st Voice Acting Demo.
  • Spent quite a bit of time getting a handle on using Unity, and becoming better in 3DS Max.. I *love* 3D modelling & working with technology.  I’d be stoked to become a master one day, at making interactive art, and bringing my creations to life!
  • Started a Patreon campaign for raising funds towards the future of building our game / animation studio.

Thanks for reading, being a part of the experience, and hope you stay in touch as the journey unfolds.


"Launch" Game

2015-10-09 01:18:21 by jenninexus

I was stoked to submit some voice acting to this 5-person indie game collaboration:


Not only was it good exeprience expressing emotion with my lines, it was great to help with a team, bring a vision to life.  It scored Daily 3rd place and it's exciting to see how many people are inspired & sharing feedback in the comments!

If you play it it'd be great to hear what you think (about the game, as well as how I could improve my evolving voice acting skills).

Someone even made a thoughtful, lengthly let's play video.. so cool!


"Robo-Granny" in the Top 3!

2015-08-05 21:03:36 by jenninexus

Heya so exciting! I submitted a bit of voice acting for a game that made it to the Top Three Games list for Robot Day! Robo-Granny is a pretty funny game concept made to fit the annual robot-themed contest.

Read about the winners ▶️
Play the game ▶️

Thanks to Daniel Cotorogea for including me in the project, and NG for the honorary supporter status!  What a treat xoxo


Robot Day winners!

Red-Head Deception

2015-06-24 09:19:12 by jenninexus

Hi friends guess what? I practiced some voice acting skills for this Construct 2 game jam submission:

Red-Head Deception ▶️

If you happen to stop by, feel free to leave your vote and/or constructive feedback - it would be most appreciated! My buddy Daniel Cotorogea, did the game art, design & programming, and It's his 2nd game ever, so it was a really fun project to collaborate on!

I'm always happy to connect with the community here and other online outlets, so feel free add me or say hi. Cheers, from an aspiring dev (in training), Jenni Nexus

The making of "Red-Head Deception" (thread) ▶️




Someone made a "Red-Head Deception" Let's Play video on YouTube! ▶️

#‎construct2#‎deceptionjam | Construct 2 game jam 


Cool Red-Head featured on Newgrounds front page!

Patreon Launched!

2015-06-11 17:01:19 by jenninexus

Hi friends!  After assessing the potential of launching a Patreon, I went ahead and set one up.  It's complete with goals, rewards, and a detailed description of my vision, as well as desired collaborative efforts with my partner MartianGames, who's been teaching me game design & 3D.

Support my ability to learn 3D art & game dev :)

Seeing many artists, YouTubers & game developers alike, funded to make their dreams come true, I couldn't resist the urge to join the excitement.  It's with high hopes I wish to generate support for the time it takes to learn how to make mobile and PC games, as well as improve my 3D art skills, and continue to explore various facets of my imagination, with technology.

Props to those already doing it!  I see many NG'ers on Patreon & successfully raising funds!  Some I've been following for some time others I'm just now discovering.  Patreon expresses a sense of democratization which encourages community to support one another and more directly invest in people / projects we believe in. 

There is so much to love about creating art, music and interactive experiences.  Digital art, in combination with my background in circus skills & art modeling, has my full attention and devotion.

If something is ever holding me back it's usually the ability to upgrade equipment, or the fact we need still to make rent while learning new software (an example is, we've been relying on creating PC games made with Unity, but since Google shut off Unity this year, we now need to buy time to learn WebGL & Mobile.) 

Anything helps, and even simple shares / follows on Facebook or Twitter brighten up my days.  Obviously not everyone can afford to support others, but for those who can, and like to donate to a good cause, that's what Patreon is for.

Last but not least, I've begun streaming game dev & playtime on Twitch, but I also made a new game-specific channel: JenniNexusPlaysGames for when I'm going nuts playing game jam submissions, or trying games off Newgrounds, Steam or PS4. 

♥ Cheers friends! ♥


Ludum Dare #32 72-hour Game Jam

2015-04-20 08:14:40 by jenninexus

UPDATE:  Just loaded our Ludum Dare game jam submission to Newgrounds!

Soccer Cows:

Created for the 72hr Game Jam: Ludum Dare 32 #LDJAM Theme: "An Unconventional Weapon" - our weapon of choice the COWtapult .. worth a laugh - hope ya check it out!

Soccer Cows on Ludum Dare:




We have been jammin' all weekend & will be submitting a collaborative effort to the infamous Ludum Dare jam.. It's the LD 13th anniversary.. there's all sorts of history behind the global LD team and they recommend hosting creations from the challenge, on sites such as Newgrounds, so of course I'll be sure to let my handful of followers here on NG as soon as it's done.  Only about 12 more hours to go.. my partner & I just pulled an all-nighter.. he's been programming nonstop and we've been live-streaming our progress intermittently.  If you're on Twitch, hope you'll check us out .. finally got the mic hooked up and channels all prepped for game dev & playtime. 

The #LD32 game jam theme is "Unconventional Weapons" so... our game is Soccer Cows - where u drive a COW-tapult and project cows across a stadium on Mars.. and stuff.. I modeled/textured the ridulous cows, and fetched the cow audio & catapult... & MartianGames applied his engines, rockets & pro knowledge of driving physics in Unity3D to make this comical adventure what it is... or um, will be in a few hours.  



Quick #screenshotsaturday Update! Scores are out and we were elated to see that out of over 2K submissions, Soccer Cows got #22 for Most Hilarious category! :-D Horray & thanks to everyone who checked it out, voted and amused us with your entries.. can't wait for the next LDJAM in just a few months.


PS: props to @tomfulp who is a supporter of @mikekasprzak of LudumDare on Patreon - go team!


Hi friends.. Some funny boxy styles & continual progress on personal projects, not ready to release just yet.. here are a few funny images I made combining illustration & 3D styles.. thought ya may like .. This one w/ the red hair is actually supposed to be my mom .. I did my whole family for the holidays but I don't think they all liked them lol.. 

3D Vray version:


I've been streaming occasionally, on Twitch, but I don't have my mic set up properly yet, so you can see me working intently in Max here, but maybe down the line I'll get more interactive once the mic is set up. Check out my life-stream spots: | Follow me if you would like to encourage me to stream more!  I love watching others stream their art flow.


Trying to figure out Vray hair & lighting... my ADD keeps me on so many projects at once, eventually I'll have completed games/stories out, but for the time being, most of every day consists of learning my ass off, watching tutorials, exploring my creative sides, and figuring out how to do what.. particularly 2 Unity games which I can't wait to share more about, with you! 



Faces & outfits made in Illustrator..



Stay in touch friends!  I love socializing while working towards creative goals.. I've also been stopping in to Google+ Hangouts when I can.. there's one I recommend called Draw & Chat 

..anyway, later! 



♥ Galactic Valentine ♥

2015-02-14 04:12:33 by jenninexus



♥ Special V-Day delivery! ♬♪ Here's a screenshot of my 3D model submission to the #Valentine2015 contest on Sketchfab.  I've been working on this low-poly girl for a while now and currently wrestling with CAT animation clips and importing her into Unity properly, for gameplay.  More on that soon.  Cheers friends! 

Revolve around her in realtime 3D webGL styles: Galactic Valentine Doll ♥ Facebook ♥ Newgrounds

3D-Jenni 2015 Update

2015-01-31 22:53:44 by jenninexus

Hi friends me Jenni here. 

Even though I'm on the 'web every day checking out art, games & tutorials for entertainment & inspiration, I decided I'm going to make an update blog post as often as every month.

Avidly training in various realms of 3D, I'm making ongoing progress on many projects, which are based off my desire to become a master one day :-D


My main passion is modeling in 3DS Max, and I'm eager to become better-skilled at both low-poly & realistic characters, props and environments.. ..As well as texture-painting, UVW mapping/Unwrap, biped-rigging, animating and using my creations for interactive games built in Unity3D.

Since my goals may take 2, 5 or 10 years to achieve, I'm happy to socialize on sites like Newgounds, GameJolt and of course you can find me all over the place, @JenniNexus.  I find it useful to connect with similarly-inspired artists, programmers, musicians.. I'm just so grateful to be a part of the technological revolution at this point in time.  It's really exciting to have access to tools that give the general public (ie myself) the ability to make our creative dreams come true.

Before I got seriously into 3D creations, I spent a number of years learning circus arts: aerial, fire, hoop, and also art modeling in San Francisco.  That was when I got to experience 1st-hand what it was like for professional artists to do what they do.. and what triggered my determination to become a 3D digital artist.

I look forward to many more years of training, opportunities to come and ways to implement my skills.. I also have a hankering to do more projection-mapping combined with dance, much like modern circus styles you can find on Youtube.

Oh, by the way something I love to do is categorize my findings, of best inspiration and tutorials.. Anyone curious about same stuffs I'm learning or interesting in seeing what I think is cool, these are some collections I've been adding to on JenniNexusLoveTime YouTube channel:

Digital Art YouTube Tutorials Playlists (3DS Max, After Effects, Unity3D, Flash, Illustrator, 3D projection mapping, HTML5, speed art, 3D workflow, Low-poly environments, etc)
Pintrest (DIY fashion, 3D character design, low-poly characters/environments, Fractals, photo-realistic 3D, Vray, etc)

Lately I've been having fun streaming live on while modeling in 3D or making illustrations .. learning all the time.  Feel free to stop on over any time.. I also found which is more fine-artist-based, but I turn my cam on sometimes there too. 

Some projects I've been working on the most lately, are my 3D female model which I started in October 2014.. I'm at the point where she's basically a complete model, and now I'm learning the ropes using biped animation, weight-painting, texture painting UVW-mapping and using 1st & 3rd person character controllers in Unity3D with my 3D stuffs.

WAY more updates from along the way can be found in the..

3D-Jenni gallery:
Low-poly 3D-Jenni:

This character started as a 2D design in Flash, and you can play my 2 Flash fashion girl games on my site or Newgrounds Alter Kat which was published last October, and Jenni-Styles, released last June, 2014.

For fun I'm also attempting to make my high-poly 3D girl resemble Aayla Secura from Clone Wars, as a personal challenge, and submission for a fan video a group of filmmakers approached me about.

Well that's about it for now.. I'll be around the block learning more every day.  I'm open to being in touch .. You can reach me on Facebook or stay in touch via Blogger or Tumblr.  Most links are on my site

Much love!  Thanks for stopping by,